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Zen Supplements Gluten-Ade Digestive Enzyme Formula – 60 Vegcaps


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Zen Supplements Gluten-Ade is a comprehensive gluten digestive enzyme formula with prebiotics and probiotics. This formula is designed to support the digestion of gluten found in wheat, rye and other gluten-containing grains.??It has added acidophilus, FOS and Arabinogalactans to support intestinal health.???

  • PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS: Comprehensive gluten digestive enzyme formula with both prebiotics and probiotics
  • ENZYME BLEND: Scientifically formulated to be active in a wide pH range to support the complete digestion of protein both in the stomach and small intestine
  • STARCH DIGESTION: Contains three different amylases for the complete breakdown of starch allowing the proteases greater access to gluten
  • GLUTEN SENSITIVITY: This formula helps support a healthy intestinal tract in individuals with gluten sensitivity

The exposure of??consuming??gluten may be different for everyone, and can cause a variety of symptoms such as: brain fog, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, headache, rash, weakness, joint pain, swelling, vomiting, and fatigue. For some people, gluten causes inflammation and damage to the intestines, or Leaky Gut, which can negatively affect those with Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Diverticulitis. Reducing inflammation and healing your gut from further damage with digestive enzymes and probiotics are essential to recovering as quickly as possible.???

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