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Natural Bee Pollen 500 mg Veg Tabs 100 Count


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Natural Bee Pollen 500 mg Veg Tabs 100 Count

Livamed Natural Bee Pollen Benefits:

  • Increase Stamina*
  • Relieves Inflammation*
  • Boosts Liver Health*
  • Increase mental clarity and alertness*
  • Menopause Support*
  • Allergy Support*
  • Strengthens the Immune System*
  • Provides antioxidants and work as an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent*

Bee Pollen is one of the many gifts that bees have bestowed on mankind (think of beeswax, honey, bee propolis, and royal jelly), and as yet scientists have not been able to duplicate this wondrous substance in a laboratory. Even when man-made pollen has been created with every known nutrient present in the real pollen, bees will die when fed the lab-produced, synthesized food. Bee Pollen is a powder-like material that is produced by the anthers of flowering plants and gathered by bees that picks up the nutrients of every plant it visits.

Bees collect only those pollens that contain the greatest amounts of protein and other nutrients. They mix them with nectar and some of the bees’ own secretions and take them to their hives. The nutrients found in Bee Pollen are extremely high quality. Not only does bee pollen contain high-quality nutrients that can be burned as fuel, but it also provides nutrients that are helpful in maintaining and promoting health.

The nutritional makeup of Bee Pollen is an extremely broad spectrum. The wide range of nutrients found in Bee Pollen includes polyphenols, enzymes, and beneficial fatty acids, free amino acids, vitamin complexes, chelated minerals, and trace elements, as well as a large array of phytonutrients that have yet to be identified. This nutritional diversity makes Bee Pollen an ideal dietary supplement as a compliment and a boost to a well-rounded diet.

The nutrients in Bee Pollen are very concentrated. This nutritional density means that even small amounts provide effective and valuable levels of important nutrients. In other words, bee pollen, as a food source or as a supplement, provides low volume, but high-intensity nutrition.


Bee Pollen is the favorite of many athletes who use it to help increase their endurance, stamina, speed, and strength before workouts or competitions and to help recover more swiftly after strenuous exercise. It appears to improve not only endurance and energy but also physical acuity and sharper mental response. Many people use it to fight overall fatigue.

With regard to mental response, Bee Pollen appears to be effective in helping people who suffer from mental fatigue, stress, depression and the inability to concentrate. It is a natural energy food that helps to improve mental clarity and the capacity to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Bee Pollen is considered one of the finest sources of immunity-building nutrients that stimulate glands and enhance the body’s natural defenses while also eliminating damaging toxins from the system. Improved immunity helps the body ward off disease, resist infections and simply combat many common ailments, including colds, flu, bronchitis, and others.

Because Bee Pollen strengthens the immune system, it also appears to help people with allergies. Those very same immune-enhancing properties in Bee Pollen stimulate the body’s natural defense against allergic responses. In addition, since Bee Pollen reduces the production of histamine, the substance that can cause allergic responses, many allergy sufferers have found relief with Bee Pollen.

For a youthful, radiant appearance, regular use of Bee Pollen appears to result in skin that looks much smoother, younger, and healthier. Credit is given to Bee Pollen for reducing lines and wrinkles on the face and is said to be a marvelous toner for the skin, providing it with increased elasticity. Some say that regular use of Bee Pollen will even keep unwanted gray hair away.

Bee Pollen appears to be an excellent source of antioxidants, and some research has claimed that the use of Bee Pollen has demonstrated anti-carcinogenic properties and has also shown some delayed growth in tumors. In separate studies, a noticeable decrease in the side effects of radiation (including nausea, bladder inflammation, appetite loss, and rectal swelling) has been noted, as well as countering the effects of environmental and chemical toxins.

Like other bee products, Bee Pollen has shown extremely active anti-microbial activity, and certain cultures of microbes in hard-to-control diseases (i.e., Salmonella, etc.) were killed with Bee Pollen. Bee Pollen may also destroy harmful intestinal flora, thereby easing colon disorders and diarrhea. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties have also shown positive results against Candida and other yeast infections.

Bee pollen is high in aspartic acid and is 35% protein. It is best to take bee pollen in the morning and/or early afternoon so that the body is energized throughout the day and able to shut down and rest during the night. If used along with a weight loss program, take prior to meals. If using to build stamina and endurance, take prior and during the events.