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Men’s Once Daily Veg Tabs 90 Count


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Men’s Once Daily Veg Tabs 90 Count


  • Helps prevent diseases.
  • To get the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of nutrients.
  • Counteract deficiencies found in today???s foods.
  • Consistent daily nutrient intake.
  • To maintain cellular efficiency and health.
  • The activation of enzymes essential to cellular function, which slows the aging process.
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    Men’s Multi with Extras

    Livamed Men???s Once Daily is tailored for the nutritional needs of the adult male. It provides basic nutritional support from vitamins and minerals as well as other ingredients shown in studies to support men???s health. In addition to vitamins and minerals, it contains a variety of green foods, herbs, probiotics and enzymes

    Livamed??Men???s Once Daily also includes digestion-enhancing enzymes, probiotics and hydrochloric acid. . All in a single vegetarian tablet.

    Vitamin A is in the form of beta-carotene and palmitate (50:50) and there are 800 IU of Vitamin D3. This men???s formula also contains saw palmetto and lycopene for prostate health plus 20 mg of zinc from OptiZinc??. Studies show that OptiZinc?? is absorbed better, retained longer and is more effective than other zinc supplements tested. This matters because, in addition to its antioxidant activity, zinc is essential for healthy male reproductive function.

    We know that taking a high quality multivitamin is like a good insurance policy for a healthy Primal life. It can be difficult today getting all the nutrients we need each day from our food, due to soil degradation over the last 100 years. With many us juggling multiple things at once such as, work, child care, errands, sports and other activities it is easy to forget about taking a multivitamin. Livamed Men???s Once Daily Multi-Vitamin contains not only basic nutritional support of vitamins and minerals in one vegetarian tablet, but also key ingredients observed in studies to support men???s health, including a variety of herbs, plant foods and enzymes.

    Important information:

    Would it surprise you that most of us do not get the??Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)??of??vitamins and minerals??necessary from our foods, even when we are consuming the suggested daily servings of fruits and vegetables?

    Today???s farming practices, mass food production, food processing makes our foods less nutrient dense than they were in previous years. Matter of fact, The??U.S. Department of Agriculture??says that it takes seven cups of today???s spinach to equal the nutrition that a single cup provided in 1960!

    Vitamins and minerals are crucial for maintaining cellular efficiency by activating enzyme systems that are essential to cellular function. Phyto-nutrients, which are found in numerous types of plant life are very critical to obtaining and maintaining optimal health. Unfortunately, less than one in five Americans get even half of proper amounts of phyto-nutrients in their daily diet.