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Lecithin 1,200 mg Softgels 200 Count


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Lecithin 1,200 mg Softgels 200 Count

  • LECITHIN IS NATURES SOURCE OF IMMUNITY ??? Garlic contains two main ingredients, Allicin and Allinase, which combine through digestion to produce a powerful antibiotic that strengthens the immune system, improves cardiovascular heath, promotes circulation, and improves digestion. Our High Allicin Garlic Supplement contains over 5mg of allicin and comes with a natural vanilla flavored enteric coating to eliminate odor and reflux.
  • GUARANTEED PURITY IN BPA-FREE, FULLY RECYCLABLE GLASS BOTTLES ??? Cheap plastic bottles are harmful to the environment and your health. We seal your supplements in environmentally-friendly amber glass bottles with heat-sealed sleeves and best by dates to ensure the safest and purest product available. Unlike some other supplement manufacturers, our bottles are BPA-free and fully recyclable. Each bottle contains 100 tablets that are easy-to-swallow, Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.