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L-Glutamine Powder – 300g Powder


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L-Glutamine is a ???conditionally??? essential amino acid. The average healthy person can usually make enough glutamine to meet biological needs. A shortage of glutamine may arise when there is disease, injury or other physiological abnormality that increases the body???s requirement for glutamine. Glutamine is essential for the metabolism, structure, and function of the gastrointestinal tract and its associated immune component.* Glutamine serves as a major source of fuel for the cells that line the intestinal tract, helping to maintain their normal, healthy function.* Immune cells require glutamine to help function properly. During times of physical stress and disease, i.e. lifting weights; cancer, severe burns, and an individual???s requirement for glutamine increases dramatically. Providing the body with glutamine as L-Glutamine, helps maintain lean muscle mass, helps the healing process and supports the body during all types of physical stress.*

??? Our L-glutamine is the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade, free form L- glutamine available.
??? It comes in a convenient powder form, which makes it easy to take the higher doses required by many individuals.
??? Free form L-glutamine 4500 mg per teaspoon

??? L-glutamine is known as a conditionally-essential amino acid, meaning that the body is capable of making it, but in certain conditions and disease states, the body can???t make enough to meet biological requirements.
??? L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the blood and serves as a major source of fuel for the cells that line the intestinal tract.*
??? L-glutamine is essential for a normal, healthy immune system (of which about 1/3 resides in the GI tract) and during infection glutamine requirements increase.*
??? During trauma, glutamine requirements increase several-fold. If requirements are not met, the body will begin to breakdown muscle tissue (high glutamine content) as a source of glutamine. This is one of the reasons why severe trauma and or illness result in a significant loss of mean muscle mass and body weight.

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