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Hi Potency CLA 1,250mg – 90 Softgel


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Zen Supplements CLA,??1,250 mg (yielding 1,000 mg of CLA).

The conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) are a group of fatty acids with conjugated double bonds. These fatty acids occur naturally in edible fat, especially in beef and dairy products. Their presence in butter was first identified by Dr. Roland Booth in 1935. Dr. Booth also observed that the levels of these fatty acids in butter were much higher in the summer when the cows were eating grass rather than grain.

As our diets change and we eat less meat and more low-fat and non-fat dairy products, our intake of CLA has decreased significantly. Two isomers of CLA are known to possess biological activity: cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis 12. Each isomer has its own individual actions and there may also be synergistic effects from the two working together. Trans-10, cis 12 is the isomer that produces body composition changes by supporting the reduction of body fat.*



??? High potency, 1,250 mg per soft gel

?????Contains 1,000 mg of active CLA

??? Optimal 1:1 ratio of isomers

??? Competitively priced compared with leading brands

??? Tested for heavy metals, microbial contamination

??? Easy to swallow, gluten free soft gel



??? Helps modify body composition by supporting the reduction of body fat.*

??? Supports the reduction in body fat in part by helping to promote the reduction of lipid uptake by adipocytes (fat cells).*

??? Supports the inhibition of lipid synthesis by adipose tissue.*

??? Helps support lipolysis (breakdown of fats).*

??? Contributes to the support of healthy serum leptin levels; a hormone that regulates appetite.*

??? Supports a normal inflammatory response in animal studies.*

??? Demonstrated immune system modulating properties.*


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