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Food Rich Women’s 45+ Multi Veg Tabs


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Food Rich Women’s 45+ Multi Veg Tabs??


As we age our nutritional needs change. This happens to both and men and women but even though it happens to both of us, it does not mean we should be taking the same Multivitamins. Women need different things than a man does. An older woman needs different things than a younger women does. The Livamed Food Rich Women’s 45+ Multi was crafted with your needs in mind. Women need more iron, calcium and folic, for example. Our Women’s Multi supplies 800 mcg folic acid, plus 10 mg of iron. For optimum bone health this formula includes 240 mg of calcium and 240 mg of magnesium plus Vitamins D3 and K. Support for healthy vision comes from the antioxidants beta-carotene and Lutemax?? 2020 (lutein and zeaxanthin). L-tyrosine and iodine support healthy thyroid function.

Livamed???s Food Rich Women’s Multi also includes botanical support from six beneficial herbs: bilberry, ginger, cranberry, pomegranate, grape extract and cinnamon. Plant-based enzymes and bioflavonoids round out this 100% vegetarian formula.

    Suggested Use:

    Take 3 tablets daily with food.