Blood Sugar Levels, and How To Regulate Them.
This will teach you how to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Levels, and How To Regulate Them.


Blood sugar is completely natural in the normal function of the human body. It’s not bad, however when you have diabetes or are at risk of having diabetes (prediabetic) then it can be a lot harder to keep within safe ranges. Regulation is key, and this will teach you what blood sugar is and how to regulate it.

What is Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is the ratio of glucose (usable form of sugar) to blood. When you eat carbs, sugar, or other things like that your digestive system turns it into glucose and puts it into the blood stream.

The pancreas (part of the endocrine system) detects the high amount of glucose in the blood, and then releases the correct amount of insulin. Insulin is what allows the cells in your body to remove the glucose in your blood and use it as fuel, thus reducing your blood sugar levels.

In a normal body this regulates itself and it fine. However if there’s a problem with insulin, like diabetes, the pancreas either cannot make insulin, or cannot make enough for the bodies blood sugar needs.

Failing to control your blood sugar levels is associated with risk of heart disease, stroke, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), vision loss or blindness, Erectile Disfunction and more. If you think you or a loved one is diabetic don’t ignore the signs.

Blood Sugar Levels

What are Blood sugar levels.

Normal Levels

Normal Blood sugar levels range from less than 100mg/dL after an 8 hour fast to it being less than 140mg/dL 2 hours after eating according to WebMD.

However, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) they recommend levels to be about 70 – 130mg/dL before meals and less than 180mg/dL after meals.

High Level

Anything over the recommended range is considered to be a unhealthy blood sugar range. However, if your blood sugar is over 126mg/dL after an 8 hour fast then you’re diabetic

Having the levels high for an long period of time has some serious side effects. With the high level of sugar in your blood it starts to slowly erode at the cells that produce insulin in your pancreas. Over time these cells die, causing permanent damage to the pancreas and a loss of the ability to produce insulin.

Additionally the high level of sugar in your blood leads to something called atherosclerosis, or clogged or narrowed arteries. This is why it also comes with a risk of heart disease. If it gets to this point it could lead to heart attack, stroke, or possibly death.

Low Level

Low blood sugar is somewhat harder to give a definite number on. This is due to the fact that some people may rest at different levels. Because the liver produces glucose, and some people livers may be more active than others, it can lead to someone having a different bottom line for blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar is lowest before a meal. For example someone could have a normal low range of 60, while someone else may never get below 90 and both be totally healthy. Just depends on the person.

How to Manage Your Blood Sugar

When it comes to managing you blood sugar levels, it really comes down to listening to what you body tells you. For instance when you feel very tired, nausea, stomach pain, very dry mouth, increased thirst, and frequent urination. If you’re experiencing low blood sugar then you might experience dizziness, hungry, tingling lips, shaking or trembling, fast heartbeat, or being easily irritable, tearful, anxious, or moody.

On the other hand you could get yourself something called a Glucometer. It measures the sugar content in your blood by pricking your finger and testing it almost instantly. This is a clear favorite because it allows you to make much better decisions about your blood sugar, and actually allows you to test what works best by testing before and after something.


Controlling your blood sugar comes down to changing you habits. In order to maintain the healthiest range possible you should eat at regular times throughout the day, do not skip meals, limit your calories, abstain from alcohol, drink water instead of sugary drinks, eat fruit instead of sweets, and finally control your food portions.

This can sound like a lot, but it could be necessary for you to get your blood sugar back on track, or to stay on track for the rest of your life.

For people with diabetes, it can do you a lot of good to exercise, as this uses glucose for energy in the cells, lowing your blood sugar. It also helps your body to more efficiently handle insulin. This is an excellent way for someone with diabetes (or even if you don’t) to mitigate their blood sugar.

Supplements for Blood Sugar

There is no replacing a good diet and exercise, however there are some supplements that can help you keep control over the situation. Here we will go over some of them.

The thing you want to look out for when choosing a blood sugar supplement is that is helps you regulate your blood pressure though multiple avenues, not just one. This will ensure a reliable and well rounded product. For instance you want one that can help reduce the sugar in you blood, as well as stopping more sugar from being added to it in the digestion process.

Luckily every product that I’m about to link to shares these qualities, While some are better than others, they will all be good choices in the end for your blood sugar levels.

Zen Supplements Glucose Support

This supplement is the best of the 3, as it contains many ingredients that provide support on several levels of your blood sugar. It can also help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with having high blood sugar, like headaches, fatigue, bloating, etc. While this one is the most expensive on the list it is the most effective.

Livamed Ultimate Blood Sugar Support

Despite having a very simple ingredients list consisting of Cinnamomum and Chromium (from rice amino acids) it pretty much covers the bases. They both work together to reduce blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, manage metabolism and weight gain, as well as increase insulin sensitivity.

Nature’s Garden Blood Sugar Harmony

Made with ZERO chemicals or synthesized ingredients, it contains powerful herbal extracts with chromium to help your blood sugar in the most effective and healthy way possible. This also happens to be the least expensive on the list.


I hope this article has helped you manage your blood sugar, or helped you learn about it so that you can help you loved ones if they are struggling. Long story short, blood sugar is something that cannot be ignored if you’re diabetic, and should not be ignored if you’re not. It can save you a lot of trouble down the road by just spending a little time making sure you’re heart, blood, and your body are healthy. I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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