Hair Anatomy, and Why You Need To Know About It
This is about hair health and anatomy.

Why You Need to Know about Hair Anatomy.

It may seem strange that knowing something as simple as hair anatomy can lead to an improvement in overall hair health. However it’s actually pretty simple. Just by virtue of knowing, you can make better decisions regarding your hair health.

Basic Hair Anatomy

hair anatomy

Peoples hair has a lot to do with how they see themselves. A simple hair cut can make someone go from shy to confident. So with hair having so much impact on our social success we should put more emphasis on it.

Hair is made from a very tough protein called “keratin.” Keratin is a protein that your body produces to protect other cells and can be found in your hair, skin, and nails. With this in mind it’s really good in a Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement!

In order to stay implanted in the skin the hair bulb forms at the base deep in the skin and anchors to it. Inside the hair bulb there living cells that divide and grow to extent the shaft of the hair follicle.

Finally there are blood vessels below the surface of your skin. They supply the hair bulb with nutrients and hormones to modify hair growth over time. For instance a man could start not producing hair, or a child starting to grow more hair.

Phases of Hair Life Cycle

  • Anagen (growth phase) – This phase is when the hair is growing at it’s fastest rate. Could last anywhere between 3 – 5 Years!
  • Catagen (Transitional) – Hair growth slows down and the hair follicle begins to shrink, allowing for the new hair to be formed behind it.
  • Telogen (Resting Phase) – Over months, the old hair goes through a cycle of dying, detaching, and being replaced by the new hair.

Over all people (men and women), hair growth per month is about a half of an inch on average. This seems really slow if you’re constantly looking at it, but can really sneak up on you if you stop thinking about it.


You might be unhappy with your hair. If that’s the case then you are going to need some kind of treatment for that problem. Here are some high quality treatments for some problems you might have about your hair!

  • Hair Volume – If you’re looking to increase the volume of your hair then you need to seriously consider this hair volume supplement from New Nordic.
  • Hair and Scalp Health – If you’re concerned about your scalp and hair health. Maybe it’s dry or flakey and it’s not inspiring confidence.
  • Hair Electrolysis – Through electric shock you kill your hair follicles and prevent them from growing any more new hair.
  • Laser Hair Removal – Kind of like electrolysis but with a laser. Aiming a laser at your unwanted hair and obliterate it.

Hopefully you could find what you were looking for. If not maybe check out this article on the best hair supplements.

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