How Protein Powder Could Make You Better.
best protein powder for muscle gain

How Protein Powder Could Make You Better.


If you workout then this article is something that you’ve probably been asking yourself for a while. Do you need to get protein powder to increase your gains. The short answer is no, you don’t NEED it. However, it can be hard to get enough protein from your diet in order to support major gains. This is where a good protein powder will come in to pick up the slack.

This can be much more important if you’re vegan. Because almost every main source of protein is taken out of the diet you a have to get it from somewhere. Check out this article about the Vegan diet and what you have to make sure you’re getting in it.

How Protein Powder Works

The benefits of protein powder pretty much coincide with the benefits of protein, but in a large quantity. For people who workout the benefits are great, but for people who don’t, the benefits won’t be to the fullest.

best protein powder

When you workout, lifting weights, any kind of weight training you are tearing your muscle fibers in a microscopic level. This sounds like you’re making yourself weaker. However the part where you become stronger is in the recovery, when those tears get flooded with Amino Acids, that are going to repair your muscles to be even stronger than they were before.

This is where the protein powder comes in. These usually have a large amino acid blend that can support your growth along with the protein for the fuel. Protein gets broken down into amino acids by your body in order to repair your muscles, that’s why it’s so important to have a good amino acid blend in your protein powder.

Having the protein already broken down into amino acids actually makes it easier for your body to absorb, and use it as well. Shortening the digestion process and freeing up more energy for your to recover from your workout.

For additional help with recovery, I know sometimes your muscles get stiff and it’s hard to move them after an intense workout. Right after this is normal, but if it persists then maybe your should look at a Magnesium supplement. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and helps them be more flexible and prevent cramps.


Now that you know how protein powder works on your body, check out these benefits to a good protein powder.

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What to Look For

When you’re choosing your protein powder it can be hard to know what it all means. There are several types of protein powder you should know about before starting your protein supplemented workout journey.

The first one is Whey protein. You’ve probably heard about this type of protein as you can see it everywhere. Being one of the most popular types of protein should say something about the effectiveness of it at least a little. Whey derives itself from milk.

There are different types of refinement for the protein powders. Protein Concentrate is the first level with the least percentage of about 60% protein. This may not be a bad thing because it has more carbs, which a good balance of protein to carbs is essential to your recovery. The next one is Protein Isolate, which is one step further and yields about 90-95% protein.

There is another type called Protein Hydrolysates which doesn’t contain more or less protein, but it breaks down the protein even further to greatly help your body absorb it, and thus put it into use more efficiently.

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What to Avoid in Protein Powder

Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to look for. Because of the way that supplements are in the market currently, they aren’t directly regulated by the FDA. However, there is something called GMP certified which is a certification that the product was made in a safe environment, the product actually contains what the label claims, and that the dosage is potent enough to achieve results. Look for brands that are GMP certified.

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In conclusion, protein powder can be a huge help for people who are looking to bulk up, lose weight, be more trim, or any host of goals associated with being healthy. But you need to pick the right one. That’s why we put a few products down below that we think are high quality powders that would help you immensely in your journey.

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