What Does DHEA do, and can it Make You Healthier.
what does dhea do

What Does DHEA do, and can it Make You Healthier.


What does DHEA do? Well before we go into that we have to know a little about this supplement and how it works. DHEA has been around for long enough to have some results back from all the clinical trials and studies done about this hormonal supplement.

It doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with the view of the public as it is now. Generally the public considers this to be a very powerful supplement that can cure many ailments associated with old age. A savior if you will. Or just a straight up “life extender” in a pill.

This is not the whole truth however. It’s more complicated than that because with hormones it becomes convoluted as far as benefits go. Lets get into it!

DHEA Graph
A graph showing the typical levels of DHEA by age.

What does DHEA do?

DHEA is a hormone that your body produces naturally inside of your adrenal gland (above you kidney). Your body then turns this hormone into testosterone and estrogen according to what it needs.

It’s worth noting that both women and men have both Testosterone and Estrogen, but it’s the ratio between them that determines the effects.

Most of the claimed benefits simply come from looking at the opposite of the benefits of these hormones, which would be completely accurate assuming that the individual did not have a functioning adrenal gland, or in some way was not able to produce them.

However for most people their adrenal glands are fine and while there are benefits, they may not be as pronounced as they claim to be. So here are some benefits that are a little more realistic.

DHEA Benefits

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Mild to Moderate Depression

It has been shown to help people with mild to moderate depression in some cases. The relationship between DHEA supplements and this result are not clear, but in some people who did not respond to regular treatment saw improvement with this supplement.

Improve Skin Aging

Studies have been shown to provide positive results in improving aging signs. However some studies have also shown no results. We know that more research is needed, but what we can say now it that it looks promising for improving the skin.

Improve Bone Density

Improving bone density is important for people of all ages. However unless you’ve got a problem then it likely won’t improve much. However, studies of older men and women have shown a significant increase in bone density, improving conditions like osteoporosis in the elderly.

Could Help Burn Fat

Seeing as how DHEA is a precursor to Testosterone and Estrogen it is natural to say that it could have some effect on the burning of fat. Both T and E play roles in regulating the bodies fat content. Having healthier levels of these could influence how your body stores your nutrients.

May Improve Libido, Sexual Drive, and Fertility

For the same reason as the last point, Testosterone and Estrogen play major roles in the sexual function of males and females. Because of this a DHEA supplement could provide benefit to this area through increasing levels of these sexual hormones.

Studies shown that females who take it could see higher production of eggs, and higher fertilization of those eggs. Some seeing an increase from 39% to 67% of the eggs being fertilized.

Studies still need to be done, but there’s reason to believe that DHEA could help some men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction as well.

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DHEA Side Effects

When you’re taking a DHEA supplement you need to be sure that you’re not taking too much. Too much of this hormone can have very bad side effects due to the unstable nature of hormonal supplements.

In the studies done on DHEA supplements, 50mg has been shown to be safe for daily consumption over a year. While 25mg has been shown to be safe for a 2 year period. Before taking any of these supplements you should consult with your doctor to see if it’s something for you.

There are a host of side effects if you take the supplement irresponsibly, and they are as follows…

Women could experience changes in their menstrual cycles due to hormonal imbalance. This could look like a longer, heavier, shorter, lighter, irregular, or more painful period. Additionally, women could experience a deeper voice, and/or facial hair growth. I probably don’t have to explain why women probably don’t want those things.

Men could experience Hair loss, a lower sperm count, or actually lower testosterone levels if too much DHEA is taken.

Together, men and women could experience irregular heart beat or palpitations, general fatigue and insomnia.

This is why consulting with your doctor is the best course if you think you could benefit from a DHEA supplement, because you very well could. But everyone is different and there are some things that could complicate the supplement that your doctor knows about.

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In conclusion, DHEA supplements have a lot of potential but not a lot has been confirmed as of yet. However there are some reasons you might want to take it, in safe doses, for some benefits. When in doubt, consult your physician for the best advise as there may be some things about your health that only they know that might affect your use of DHEA supplements.

I hope this helped you and that you have a great day! Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you learned, or how you think this could have been better!

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