Vitamin D: The Best comprehensive guide 2022.
Vitamin D

Vitamin D: The Best comprehensive guide 2022.

Introduction to Vitamin D

Vitamin D (calciferol), otherwise known as the sunshine vitamin, is a very unique one. Unlike every other vitamin, this one is very hard to get from food alone. This has never really been a problem in our evolution until the invention of the cubical. Jokes aside, many Americans do not get the required daily dose of Vitamin D leading to rampant deficiency. Learn how to make sure you don’t become a statistic.

Benefits to Vitamin D

Bone Health

Bone Health is one of the more important things in our body. You probably know that calcium makes up one of the largest part of you bones. But what you probably didn’t know is that Vitamin D is the only thing that allows our body to absorb calcium. Without it the calcium would simply pass through your body like nothing. That’s why we recommend a calcium vitamin D 2 in 1. That way you’re getting them both, no need to worry if the calcium is working! Make sure you not wasting money on something that isn’t being absorbed.

Immune System

Vitamin D has many attributes, two of them being anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants fight something called “free radicals” that reek havoc on your healthy cells in its immediate vicinity. The anti-inflammatory aspect acts to reverse it when ready and start the healing process sooner!

Brain Cell Activity

Vitamin D is also responsible for the production of certain neuro transmitters that are important for brain function. This is why people who are vitamin D deficient may have brain fog, and other mental ailments.

Fighting Disease

Studies have shown that vitamin D could have a link to fighting certain diseases including cancer, bone disorders, psoriasis, type I diabetes. However, there are not a lot of studies and they should be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact that it looks like it might correlate among thousands of people shows something.

Vitamin D
Where Vitamin D best comes from!
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Developing Bone Disorders

Those who are deficient in Vitamin D are more likely to develop weak, brittle bones. Because the bones become weak and brittle without this integral vitamin it is much easier for these people to develop a Bone disorder.

High Doses of Vitamin D

This one is a bit more arbitrary. There are conflicting maximum amounts you can take a day without side effects. I’ve seen anywhere between 4 and 10 thousand. In high doses (excess of 40,000 IU is what they say) people show a higher chance of developing Hypercalcemia (a condition where you have too much calcium in your blood and it becomes toxic. A very bad deal for anyone to have to deal with.

Combining Supplements

Do not take with other fat soluble vitamins due to them having a maximum level. Because the all get absorbed though fat, they are all competing to be absorbed at the same time, leading to lessened effects due to not being absorbed well. You should stay away from products that offer. This also wastes money.

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Extra Points

Vitamin D is something that we all have access to and it super easy to go get some sun in most cases. However over 40% of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency and probably don’t even know it.

If you’re in any kind of doubt whether you’re deficient or not, go get a simple blood test to determine accurately whether you have a problem or maybe a totally different cause.

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In conclusion, if you can make it outside for a decent amount of time every day then that’s golden. However I know that some of you (like me) are inside for 95% of the day who are going to need a supplement to make sure they aren’t deficient in this essential vitamin. Hopefully you found this useful. I hope you have a great day!


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