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The Best Collagen Guide 2022.


Collagen is a protein that kind of acts like the support beams on a large building, holding it up firm. Collagen does this for you skin in the deeper levels, giving it that full, firm look. When it starts to weaken, loosen up, or become deficient then it can develop wrinkles, fine lines, and loose stretchy skin. But it’s not just about your skin (though I’m sure that’s why most of you are here), it strengthens your hair, nails, eyes, muscles, bones, and more. Lets get into the meat of it and find out why collagen is essential to your health!

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Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is a protein that is made up of 3 strands that are bound together in what’s called a Triple Helix structure. Making it one of the largest proteins found in the human body. On top of this there are 28 DIFFERENT TYPES OF COLLAGEN! This can be confusing to know which types of collagen you need, which types are useless, and why half of them say “peptide” or “hydrolyzed.” In the next few paragraphs you’re going to know for yourself.

Absorption of Collagen

Because collagen is such a big protein, it can be hard for you body to absorb. There are collagen supplements that come in the form of topical ointments you put on your skin; However, these are not effective because collagen is too big to be absorbed through the skin’s membrane. Not to mention collagen is only in the deep layers of the skin and will be useless in the top layer.

When you see a collagen supplement that says “peptides” or “Hydrolyzed” it means that they broke down the collagen in some way to allow it to be better absorbed in the digestion process. Allowing your body to use more of the supplement that you take, letting less go to waste. This is powerful because you’ll be getting more value for your dollar with your results!

Different Types of Collagen

Type I – This type make up about 90% of the collagen in your body. It is responsible for improving wrinkles, fine lines, overall skin health, hair, nails, muscles, and bones. That’s a lot to be responsible for, especially when that covers almost all of the benefits for collagen in one type. This is not to say the others are not needed, because they each serve their own niche role.

Type III – Type III serves the same role as Type I and can be found along side type I almost everywhere. One thing that both Type I and III do is improve your gut health! By smoothing and firming up the walls of your intestines they allow for more efficient digestion and a happier, healthier gut, and a happier, healthier you.

Type II – This one is mostly responsible for your eyes. Collagen makes up the supporting structure of your eyes and without it would be a disaster. Taking type II is said to reduce cataracts, and reduce the progress of AMD in some people.

Other Types – There are 25 other types, however they come in such small quantities that supplements are rarely required for these as almost everyone gets enough of them from their diet naturally.

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What to Avoid with Collagen

With every supplement there are going to be some things you want to avoid when shopping for yours. Collagen is nothing special there.

Collagen for Vegans

If you’re vegan, I’m sorry but collagen comes from animal fats and cartilage. Currently there is no vegan alternative for ingesting collagen. However, what you can do is ingest more vitamin C and make it easier for you body to produce it’s own collagen, but currently that seems to be the only way. Check out an article I wrote about the Vegan Diet.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding

There are conflicting reports about whether collagen supplements is good for pregnant or nursing women. It is absolutely necessary for you to have collagen intake, but it would be better if you got it from your diet rather than from a supplement. At this point it’s questionable whether it’s ok or not.

Topical Ointment

Collagen in this form cannot be absorbed by the body because collagen is too large a protein to pass through the cell membrane of your skin. Collagen is also used in the deep layers of your skin and would serve no purpose being in the top layer. Topical Ointments do not provide any benefit for this reason.

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Quality Collagen Products

Here are some products we found for you to make your search easier. We’ve cataloged and ranked each product for you.

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In conclusion, collagen is integral to the health of our entire body. Making sure you have enough is important, and hopefully this article shed some light on the topic and allowed you to make up your own mind on collagen and whether it is necessary for you in your daily life! Have a great day!

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