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Why Vitamin B1 is the Best Supplement in 2022.


Vitamin B1 is the main component in converting food into energy. It plays a major role in converting your macronutrients like carbs, protein, and fats into something that you body can actually use. In this article you’ll find out how important Vitamin B1 is to you today, and something you can do about it. But before we get into the how, we have to know the why.

Benefits of Vitamin B1

There are many benefits to Vitamin B1. Major chemical processes in your body like processing glucose and the Krebs Cycle rely on it. As well as less major but still vital roles in production of blood sugar regulating hormones. We are about to get into it.

Vitamin B1 for Weight Loss

Because of it’s effect on the metabolic process and the Krebs Cycle, it help significantly with weight loss. Without Vitamin B1 (thiamin) you wont be able to absorb nutrients from your food effectively. Leaving you hungry because your body knows (consciously or not) that you need more nutrients. When you have healthy levels of thiamin you are able to maximize absorption of nutrients, and thus eat less food AND feel fuller after meals. A caloric deficit is necessary for weight loss when you get down to it, and eating less food will put you on the path to achieving your weight loss goals!

Thiamin’s role in breaking down glucose.

The percentage of Americans that are Obese continues to go up every year. Obesity has been associated with thiamin deficiency because of their lack of a quality diet. With the inability to process foods effectively, they are more likely to be turned into unhealthy fat.

B1’s role in Hormone Synthesis

Synthesis is the process of creation through chemical means. While chemicals usually has a negative connotation with your body, chemical processes happen naturally every second of your life inside you. For instance hormone creation is one of those processes. Thiamin is essential for the process that creates blood sugar regulating hormones such as Insulin and Glucagon. As you probably know, the inability to regulate insulin is associated with Diabetes. In this way, Vitamin B1 (and diet) is essential to preventing the onset of type II diabetes.

Vitamin B1 to Fight Alzheimer’s.

The brain is extremely complicated and requires many things to keep it operational. A deficiency in thiamin can result in the death of brain cells because of a lack of energy to support the high demand cells in your brain. Over an extended period of time, you could experience brain fog, memory trouble, and other mental effects. On top of this, Thiamin is required for the brain to produce Acetylcholine. This is the main neurotransmitter that is deficient in Alzheimer’s patients. In this way, Vitamin B1 can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s.

How Vitamin B1 can help with Fasting

Fasting is something that a lot of people do these days and can provide many health benefits when done the correct way. When you stop intaking food, your body stops producing digestive enzymes and puts digestion on the back burner; and because Vitamin B1 is not stored in large quantities in the body, you develop something called “acute thiamin deficiency.” It’s when your body temporarily lacks thiamin to digest food.

So when you break your fast, your body will be shocked by the sudden intake of food, and almost go into a crisis trying to digest it. This could force nutrients into your cells too quickly and cause cellular damage if done improperly. To reduce the chance it is done improperly, taking a vitamin B1 supplement before you break your fast could lessen the effect of this “acute thiamin deficiency.”

It’s Water Soluble

All B vitamins are water soluble, meaning that if you take too much the body simply excretes it through your urine. This makes it very hard to have negative side effects from taking too much (while not impossible in extreme cases).

Benefits of a Vitamin B Complex

Because every Vitamin B plays at least a minor role in the absorption of nutrients (and are all water soluble), it could do you some good to consider a daily Vitamin B Complex to make sure you get enough of all the vitamin B’s.

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What to avoid with Vitamin B1

With every supplement, there’s going to be things you don’t need. One of these is the man made version of Thiamin, Benfotiamine. It’s Fat soluble, meaning you can store it in your body, and lasts longer. But being fat soluble also means you can take too much easier. Taking a daily supplement of this type of thiamin runs the risk of building up too much in your system and causing unwanted side effects!

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