Collagen, Colossal Benefits to Improve your Health.

Collagens Colossal Benefits to Improve your Health.

Collagen’s role is supporting healthy skin

Health is extremely important to anyone that wakes up, breathes, or put food in their face. Simply because if you make too many bad decisions regarding your health then it will slip away and make your life miserable, or could possibly end it all together. That’s why health is important. Despite this being rather gloomy, there are some simple things you can do to improve your health. Like eating healthy and making sure your body has what it needs to function properly. Collagen, to topic today, improves your skin, hair, and nails like we all know; but it also improves you immune system and repairs cells throughout your body!

Collagen and it’s roles

What does collagen do in your body? The four main types are type I, II, III, and IV. Here’s a closer look their roles in your body: Type I. This type accounts for 90% of your body’s collagen. It provides structure to skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue, and teeth. Type II. This type is made of more loosely packed fibers and found in elastic cartilage, which cushions your joints. Type III. This type supports the structure of muscles, organs, and arteries. Type IV. This type helps with filtration and is found in the layers of your skin.

Collagen in your Hair, Skin, and Nails

We all know how collagen is used to support healthy skin, hair, and nails so I won’t hammer it so hard. Basically like this picture shows above it is integral to reducing wrinkles and an overall healthy skin structure. The same goes for you hair and nails, and it keeps them held together firmly (like split ends in your hair, or flimsy nails that bend). With this in mind we found a Collagen Supplement that would help you achieve your ideal look. So you can see why people pledge to this supplement in cosmetics. However it has more uses to it than JUST looking phenomenal.

Collagen in the Immune System

Undigested protein themselves are a source of toxicity, which may lead to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Depletion of protein in the body may result in decreased production of antibodies, and this may lead to uncontrollable growth of damaged cells. The perps of this damage are called “Free Radicals.” Collagen however, is used to repair these damaged cells like ones that can be found anywhere in the body. It plays an important role in maintaining the health of the cells in your body after they get damaged and could catch growths early.

Your immune system is the set of cells and other elements that help you fight off illness. These help against what ever is attacking your body. When your immune system’s working properly, you have less chance of becoming ill. Additionally, if you find that you are getting sick very often, it is something you need to discuss with your doctor. We have a Collagen Product in our store that fights these “Free Radicals” throughout your body. Live a healthy life, have proper nutrition, and have your doctor have your vitamin check regularly.

Furthermore, with all these benefits it’s hard to believe that we haven’t heard of these benefits before. There are a lot of products that provide collagen, but it’s been found that collagen in a powdered form actually is absorbed into the body the best, thus giving the most benefit. You can find a Powdered Collagen Supplements here.


Take care of your body. Destruction ranging from colds and flu to allergies can be avoided by eating healthy and balanced diet. Since food is the source of energy for your body needs, keep that consumption balanced. Increase your consumption of fiber-rich food, especially fruits and vegetables. If you’re not getting enough, make sure you’re supplementing your intake with some of the ones from above.

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