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How to have a Perfect Pregnancy.

Nearly all pregnant women throughout the world are not receiving the recommended amounts of folic acid in their diets, according to the United Nations University. The Joint World Health Organization recommends 400 mcg of folic acid for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, while the National Institutes of Health recommends 5,000 IU per day.

Folic Acid in Pregnancy

Folic acid is a key element for the development of the baby’s neural tube. Natural sources of folate are leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, and fortified foods. Legal supplements of folate are available for pregnant women as well as for other women across the world. Folate one of several essential nutrients needed by the body to prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, and birth defects, among other conditions.

Folate also enhances the formation of nucleic acids that later become the genetic material of cells. As a result the nutrients will help prevent genetic contamination and other abnormal cells formation in the body. Finding good sources of nutrients can be hard, so supplements can enter stage and take that burden off you during this time. A good Folate Supplement can be found here.

Healthy Pregnancy’s

Active and healthy pregnancies require a healthy mother. A healthy lifestyle considered important as well. So does a healthy diet. The family needs to eat a diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for good general health. In general, a diet should include grains, seeds, fresh vegetables, low-fat dairy products. Nuts, sea food, and minimized servings of red meats, pork, and offal. Studies show that women who are nearly sufficient in folic acid have a 60 percent decreased risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect.

A neural tube defect is a serious birth defect of the brain and spinal cord in which an artery and its contents are misshapen. The brain and spinal segments do not close, or valves malfunction. The earliest known incidence was in early embryos used in research; the most common site of incidence is the brain.


Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc are other necessary nutrients for pregnant women throughout the duration of their pregnancies. We know how stressful it is during this time. Anyone with a family can attest to that. That’s why we want to make it as simple as possible for you. Here is a list in case you need any of the above vitamins.

A good Vitamin B6 Capsule is here. Vitamin B12 Supplements are very important, here is a good one from our store. This one can be found in almost all citrus fruits, but you not always hungry; here is a high quality Vitamin C Powder, tastes good too! Zinc is a fundamental component of you immune system to function properly. A high quality Zinc Tablet can be found here with enough to last your whole pregnancy!

The egg itself is a very good source of vitamin E. So are liver and forward oils. Green leafy vegetables, grapefruit and various citrus fruits are also a good source of various other vitamins needed by the body. However, if you’re in need of a supplement if you cant eat egg, here is a good Vitamin E Supplement we found on our store. They are roughly priced the same elsewhere.

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