Women are Excited for Calcium, Revolutionary Benefits.

Women are Excited for Calcium’s Revolutionary Benefits.

As women reach older age, hormonal changes occur that cause the level of estrogen to fluctuate and can lead to poor bone health. When estrogen levels are high and progesterone levels are low bone loss could be here. While there is no known way to reverse or retard this process, there is a way to slow it down. Through the use of calcium supplements for women.

Calcium Deficiency

In 2007, one study reported that for every additional 10 mg of calcium carbonate added to the diet, there was a 5% decrease in the risk of hip fracture in the study group, compared to no change in the rate of fracture in the control group. Another study reported that bone density increased in post-menopausal women who took calcium supplements, but decreased in women who only received a placebo. A good Calcium Tablet makes the difference.

Because of their importance, it is important to take good calcium supplements. Bone health supplements come in a variety of forms. That work directly on the preventive measures, while other products are agents that assist the body as it restores itself. Those that provide direct assistance to the bone repair itself are better. Keep an eye out for low calcium symptoms.

Calcium for Elderly Women

Osteoporosis is a result of an acidic condition in the body. The AACR said that as many as 25% of all fractures in the elderly result from bone loss. This occurs due to a number of things, including genetics, but the rate of occurrence is increased with the passage of time. Alkaline foods and water may help to reverse or neutralize the bone-hardening process. Calcium tablets made for slowing osteoporosis may also be beneficial.


Although calcium and vitamin D is very helpful for building strong bones, vitamin D is not the only helpful nutrient for bone health. Others are also needed in quantities to maintain good bone health. When it comes to treating bones there is no one answer. It takes vitamins working together to achieve bone health. To simplify, when seriously low calcium and vitamin D levels are present, it is always good to work out a well balanced diet, include regular exercise, and find a suitable supplement for you from our friends at Zen Supplements.

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