New Magnesium Deficiency Data Supports Supplement Claims.

Mind-blowing New Magnesium Deficiency Data Supports Supplement Claims.


Although magnesium deficiency is not a common problem, it does exist. Adults should try to consume 320 mg of magnesium per day. Most adults do not take the amount of magnesium they need because they are just not tracking their intake. However a good supplement can make a lot of those problems go away.

How does this happen?

There are many other side effects which stem from lack of magnesium. People who suffer diarrhea, vomiting, abuse of diuretics or other prescription drugs, or alcohol use can cause a deficiency. On the other hand, people who are magnesium deficient fail to get enough in their food. It stands to reason that if a healthy, young, regular person has one of these conditions, the proper medical care will be fulfilled. But the idea is to avoid it all together, and one way you could do that simply and cheaply is buying a magnesium supplement like from Zen Supplements.

Calcium’s Effect on Magnesium

Since calcium is needed for magnesium to be put into the body, the diet which is high in calcium and low in magnesium is not a good way to get the mineral. However without enough calcium you cannot absorb the magnesium that you would take in and be wasted. Most people who are told to lower their magnesium intake actually find that they need higher doses of calcium, in order to get the effect. You can actually get a calcium and magnesium supplement all in one with our affiliate Wellica and their Calcium Magnesium Capsule.

Heart Benefits

In fact, the risk of heart disease drops by 28%. If there is a 10% magnesium ratio in the diet compared to a magnesium intake of 250 mg or lower. Start making wise food choices, and start eating foods that are rich in magnesium. When you do this, you are going to look better, feel better, and be less concerned about your future health problems.


We are told that eating spinach or other foods high in magnesium is a good way to get the mineral. These foods, however, have only a small amount of magnesium. Most people are going to need to use some Magnesium Tablet. Simply eating spinach to get the recommended daily intake may not be enough. Magnesium levels are reliant on the amount of calcium present in the diet.

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